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Hot Skull

Hot Skull Fronto Leaf (1/4 Leaf)

Hot Skull Fronto Leaf (1/4 Leaf)

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Hot Skull Fronto Leaf is a dark premium naturally cured tobacco leaf with an aroma of chocolate. This leaf is famous for and traditionally used to make Chewing Tobacco, Cigar Wrapper Leaf, Filler Blends, Cigar Binders, and in Pipe Blends, some of our customers have enjoyed this leaf in a Cigarette or Hookah Blend, or as a Roll-Your-Own Fronto Leaf Wrap.

Hot Skull Fronto Leaves Are All Natural, And Hand Selected For Premium Quality, Each Fronto Leaf Is Individually Packaged In A Resealable Pouch.

Grown Organically throughout North America .
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